Food and Restaurant Review; Bokoboko Porini ‘Le Coco De Mer’ Restaurant.

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Seychellois (from Seychelles) cuisine has a variety of influences that include Indian, the Orient, French and of course African. Bokoboko Porini ‘Le Coco De Mer’ Restaurant, 25km outside Mombasa (after Mtwapa Creek, in Kikambala), brings to life all these influences.

It was started as Porini Village, the first Seychellois restaurant on Kenya’s North Coast in 1975 by Yolanda, a lady of Seychellois maternal ancestry. She later opened up Bokoboko in Diani before returning it to Kikambala in 2006 as Bokoboko Porini ‘Le Coco De Mer’ Restaurant. I asked a waitress what the ‘Bokoboko’ name in the restaurant context means (I know bokoboko as a variety of banana), she said it means a hotel within trees in Creole language. Which Bokoboko Porini is. Can’t confirm. ‘Coco De Mer’ is a palm tree native to Seychelles.

Before service, you wash your hands with lime-water from a pot brought by waitresses dressed in Mijikenda kishutu attire. Paying homage to Mijikenda culture and location. You are also served with diced ‘mbata’ (copra) in lime, as a starter. The ‘Coco De Mer’ bit represented.

We picked their signature dish, Porini chicken. Kienyeji chicken (broiler available too) stewed in Tamarind sauce. All food is prepared on order, the kienyeji chicken took one and a half hours to prepare. Worth the wait but the tamarind can be a bit too tangy if not used to it.

Their other speciality includes Creole Fish Soup, Bokoboko Fillet, Pwason Le Coco (fish in coconut milk), Jumbo Prawns Creole, Bokoboko Chicken (marinated in Creole spices), Seafood Platter. All food is cooked over a traditional fire and served on mvule hardwood dinnerwear.

The desserts were also every bit as unique. We had the ‘Banana Coco De Mer’ (banana in honey that is harvested from the restaurant’s compound) and ‘Creole Banana’ which is banana in a coconut sauce. Both as good as the other, pick any.

Bokoboko Porini ‘Le Coco De Mer’ Restaurant serves as an authentic Seychellois experience and should be on the to-do list of all nature lovers. The area around the Restaurant is a conservationist’s dream. A sneak peek of the unique aspects of their menu below.

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